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FAQs for the International French Spell Bee Competition 2017

1. How to classify the students according to the three different levels (Débutant; Intermédiaire and Avancé) and deciding who qualifies for which level?

For the schools, students of Grades 4, 5 and 6 students will enroll for Débutant level, of 7 and 8 will enroll for Intermédiaire level, and students from Grades 9 through 12 will enroll for Avancé level.

2. What will be the venue for the three rounds?

The first round is a School round while the second round is a Zonal round. Both of these will take place inside your respective schools.
The third round is a Live National round. This will be conducted at a central location in New Delhi. Finalists will have to show up at the venue for the finals for an offline contest. The concerned French teacher and parents may accompany the finalists.

3. What is the registration fee and is there any limit as to how many students can participate?

There is no limit as to how many students can participate at the 1st level from one school. However, a minimum number of 50 students must register for all previous year participants inclusive of all levels from each school. Case to case basis relaxation is give to those schools participating 1st time. A registration charge of Rs.350/-(Rupees three hundred and fifty only) is applicable for the 1st Round (school round).
At the second round only those who qualify 1st round will re-register by paying Rs.350/-(Rupees three hundred and fifty only).

4. What is the ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA for each school/city to participate?

This competition is open to all schools in non-Francophone countries like India except for those where native French students study as in Embassy schools or the French schools in Pondicherry etc.

5. What is the last date of CONFIRMATION OF PARTICIPATION?

All registrations are online at You can register your school and your students on our website for the 1st round before 20th August 2017. However, those who register early will get the latest booklet at the earliest enabling them to prepare better.

6. How will the students enroll for the 1st round?

The French teachers will at first register his/her school at our website. Post registration of the school the concerned teacher will upload the excel based list of all the students on the website itself.
In case you find difficulty in registering online you may send us details of the students in excel sheet at and we will upload the same on the site.

7. Who will collect the payment & registration form?
There are two ways you can submit the fee and form.

After you register online, there is a facility post registration where you can pay the registration amount directly by using online methods such as netbanking, creditcard or paypal account.

Complete the registration process online by providing the DD / Payorder / Cheque no. and Bank details on the website.
The payment may be deposited at the following account number via Cheque / DD / Payorder. Please remember to write the name of your school and total number of students registering from the school at the back of the instrument.
BANK NAME: ICICI Bank, Sector 11, Dwarka, New Delhi 110078
Name of beneficiary: Frehindi Education (P) Ltd.
Bank A/C no. : 163905000087, IFSC Code: ICIC0001639

The same can also be couriered in a sealed packet mentioning the school name and mobile number at the back of the instrument to the following address.
The International French Spellbee Competition
C/O Frehindi Education P. Ltd.

331, Vardhman Bahnof Plaza, Plot No.-10, Pocket – 7,
Sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi -110078 | Tel: 011-45537037

8. How will the students enroll for the 2nd Round?

After declaration of results, the qualifiers for the second round will re-register themselves by paying Rs.350/- (Rupees three hundred and fifty only) using the same online route as in the 1st round.

9. Is there any registration charge for the 3rd and final round?

No, there is no registration charge for the final round.

10. What is the amount to be transferred as Registration Amount to Frehindi Education (P) LTD?

1st Round: The school will forward a consolidated payment of Rs.300/- after deducting Rs.50- (fifty only) per student towards miscellaneous charges out of the Rs.350/-.
2nd Round: The school will forward a consolidated payment of Rs.300/- after deducting Rs.50- (fifty only) per student towards miscellaneous charges out of the Rs.350/-.

11. How many students can be selected in Round 2 for each level?

Those scoring above the cutoff marks will automatically qualify for Round 2 from each level. A cut off score will be announced by the organizing committee on completion of the first round. The results will be available on the website.

12. What are the Prizes and Certificates for students?

Physical participation certificates for participants at all levels will be delivered to the schools The name on the certificates will be the same as that entered at the time of online registration.
1st (School Round) Level Prizes: a) School topper will be given surprise prize by the sponsors. In case of a tie, all winners will get the prize.
b) All participants will receive a participation certificate.

2nd (Zonal Round) Level Prizes:
All the participants will receive a special “Champion d’Orthographe” badge along with a certificate for moving to Round 2.
The toppers in each zone will receive a medal – Gold, Silver or Bronze depending upon their performance.
Zonal Trophy will be given to the winning schools (1st, 2nd & 3rd) declared as Zonal Winners.
All French Teachers whose students have participated in the second round will receive a “Prof. Par Excellence” certificate. The names will be same as filled in the online registration form (where the name of the French teacher is mentioned before the name of each student).

3rd (National round) Level Prizes:
a)The winner gets an all expenses paid trip to France or Mac Air book.
b)The 1st Runner up goes to Auroville, Pondicherry or Apple-I Pad Mini.
c)The 2nd Runner up goes to Frehindi Village, Himalayas or Kindle paper white.

13. What are the Trophies for Schools?

For each level, the top school will win the prestigious International French Spell Bee School 2017 Trophy.

14. What are the Prizes for French Teachers?

Win a Trip to France:
One French Teacher will get to go to France on an all expenses paid trip. To qualify for this grand prize you have to make sure that you have at least one of your students winning the Finals. All teachers whose students will win their respective levels in the finals will be eligible for a “Lucky Draw Competition”.
a) The Lucky Draw Winner will go to an all expense paid trip to France/Belgium or wins Mac Air Book
b) The 1st Runner up will go to Auroville Pondicherry or wins Apple-I Pad Mini
c) The 2nd Runner up will go to “Indo-French Frehindi Village” at Himalayas or wins Kindle Paper White

Meilleur Professeur Certificate:
All teachers whose students win the contest in each category will be awarded the “Meilleur Professeur” Trophy along with certificates by the chief guests at the Finals.

15. Will the competition be tough according to different levels and what will be the format of the papers and the type of questions asked?
You will not find the level tough if you follow the Preparation Guide developed from text books and DELF Jr. Syllabus by CIEP (
For all the levels the papers will be based solely on these guides. Here are some details:
Category 1
The themes will be based on popular French text books available in the market for standards 4, 5 and 6 and DELF A1 Jr. (Parts 1 &2) (
Category 2
The themes will be based on popular French text books available in the market for standards 7 and 8 & DELF A1 Jr. (Part 3 & DELF A2 Jr. Part 1) (
Category 3
The themes will be based on popular French text books available in the market for standards 9 to 12th & DELF A2 Jr. (Parts 2 & 3) (

16. What happens if my school is not able to garner a minimum of 50 students?

It is mandatory to register a minimum of 50 students for the school to qualify for the competition.
However, this condition is relaxed for schools registering for the 1st time, please call at 9811237067/ 69/ 37 to resolve the issue.

17. What if the dates given for 1st round clash with my internal events/ assessments or shows or competitions in the school?

The school has the liberty to decide the dates for the 1st (Aug - Oct) and 2nd rounds (Oct – Dec)
We will give a window of one month to your school to conduct the same as per your convenience.

18. What will happen if there is a tie in the 2nd round of the competition?

Those who submit their test at the earliest will be declared the winners. In case there is still a tie in the Zonal round where two students submit their tests at the same time, there will be a tie breaker round, which will be conducted in your school at a future date to be decided in consultation with the concerned school.

19. What are the timings and venues for different rounds?

1st and 2nd Rounds will be conducted in your school premises during school hours as per the convenience of your school.
3rd and Final Round will be conducted tentatively on 20th January 2018. The timing will be 9 am to 5 pm. Refreshments will be provided to the students, teachers and parents.p>

20.Can parents accompany students for the final round?

Yes, parents along with your French teachers may accompany you for the finals.

21. How will I get the preparation guide?

Apart from a Model test paper available freely on our website, we will provide you a database of words in a booklet called “Preparation Guide” which will act as a resource book to you for all the three levels. You may download previous year’s booklet freely from our website by creating a free account.

22. Are you going to train teachers on effective techniques to prepare on all aspects of International French Spell Bee 2017 and other doubts and confusion we may have?

Yes, we may organize workshop(s) when we have a sizeable number of teachers willing to undergo training in their respective zones.

23. Whom should I contact for any clarification?

For Registration and other issues you may contact at 9811237067/ 69/ 37 or 011-45537037.

24. Who will pay for the Boarding and Lodging in New Delhi for the outstation finalists?

Parents, teachers and students will have to arrange their own boarding and lodging at New Delhi. However, the sponsors will provide complimentary refreshments, tea and snacks at the venue of the finals to all the students, teachers and parents.

For any clarification and questions feel free to call at 09811237067 / 69 / 37..